How to protect yourself from rogue emails

The best protection measures are knowledge and awareness. If your Roadrunner email is acting weird, manually examine the e-mail rules to make sure you don’t have any unexpected modifications or add-ins. Check the rule description for suspicious actions that launch an application or a .ZIP or .EXE file. you’ll also leverage Roadrunner mail script which will assist you identify the varied rules for specific email.

If you’re using an occasion monitoring system, see if the seller has any plans to release a feature that helps detect what events are created when a replacement Time Warner email is employed. If yes, the system should be ready to notify users about events that include potential threats.


There’s no solution for Roadrunner email problems like identifying malicious rules, but with a bit of knowledge and frequent checks, email users can help ensure incoming/outgoing emails are functioning like they’re alleged to be. If, at any point, you detect a suspicious rule, report it to the RR email support team and reach important contacts alerting them of malicious messages which are delivered from your account.

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    Some other ways by which you can protect yourself from rogue emails are-

    Never click on malicious or doubtful links or attachments

    Never give out your email address publicly

    Don’t reply to spam messages

    Download and install spam filtering and antivirus software

    Avoid using the personal or business email address




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