Knockout 2.0 parameters from bind in incorrect order ?

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        This is the explanation for the error :

        The 1st parameter will be the value of this during call the  bind . So, In the  call, 1st argument will be $parent & the this will be $data .

        Do this If $root is $parent .


        This will be set to $root .If the KO will transfer the data as the 1st parameter .

        Do this If the $parent is not the  $root :

    $root.deleteSomeEntity.bind($root, $data, $parent)


        Some other way also there to check the proper this inside the  view model . Even though  It is based on the  structure .

    Answered on December 31, 2018.
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        See this  for removing  the error :

        If the javascript function is written  as the click event By default,The K.O will pass $data as the first argument and the event as the second. So do not use the bind . 

        Do this and the bind is not needed .

    data-bind="click: function() {$root.deleteSomeEntity($data, $parent)}"
    Answered on December 31, 2018.
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