Major design differences between Angular, React, and Blaze (client-side Meteor) ?

Major design differences between Angular, React, and Blaze (client-side Meteor) ?

Asked on November 23, 2018 in Meteor.
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    The answer is,

        They complementary to each other?

    AngularJS is a full stack client side framework that brings ton’s of features for frontend development.

    The following things it brings to the table above standard meteor:

    • Testing: Angular offers a complete testing framework for the client side\
    • Form Validation
    • Localization
    • Components (Example: )

    How do you compensate for that if using pure meteor?

    If you are using pure meteor you can use almost all possible client side libraries like for example jQuery or you can code some convenience functions from angular like form validation by hand.

    Given that angular encourages a fairly strict separation of code on the client for MVC, how should one structure good code on the client in meteor to follow its MVVM pattern? (Does it just come inherently from having template, client module(s), and a model)

    There are many ways to structure your code. Meteor is not that opinionated about code organization. You can use as your guidance but it really depends how you like to code. It is possible to split your code into different files in folders or to put everything into just one big file. For very small apps I prefer to keep everything in one file.

    I like to split my code into two folders:

    • A folder for client side stuff (subfolders like Views and Assets are sometimes a great choice)
    • A folder for server side stuff
      If you are looking for a good practice then you can also have a look at the source code:
    Answered on November 23, 2018.
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     MVC frameworks in her Meteor cookbook:

    Then Scroll down to the “Model, View, Controllers” section.

    Answered on November 23, 2018.
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